Ruin Creek

A Storm & Fury Adventure A steampunk short story set in the world of Iron & Blood: A Jake Desmet Adventure. When a fellow agent goes missing, Jacob Drangosavich and Mitch Storm of the Department of Supernatural Investigations head to Ruin Creek, a railroad town near a mysterious crater. Vengeful ghosts, skinwalkers and a Navajo shaman are just some of the clues Mitch and Jacob must piece together to find out what happened to the missing agent – and how […]

The Final Death

A Deadly Curiosities Adventure #8 (Novella) – Vampires, vengeful ghosts and Voodoo are all in a day’s work for Cassidy Kincaide, owner of Trifles and Folly, an antique and curio store in historic, haunted Charleston, SC whose real mission is to get dangerous magical objects off the market and out of the wrong hands. When developers disturb old graves, Cassidy and her team land in the middle of big trouble as the restless dead return to finish old business and feast […]


A Deadly Curiosities Adventure #11. Set in modern-day Charleston. A Collector’s passion brings death and despair to Battery Row. Cassidy, Teag and Sorren fight for their lives against an ancient spirit, a children’s bogey man, who has brought her minions with her to help discipline all in her path.