NEW! Spark of Destiny

A Jake Desmet Adventure Book Two

Sunken treasure, haunted shipwrecks, experimental technology, and steam-powered adventure!

When Brand & Desmet airlift occult valuables out of Havana during the 1898 naval conflict with Spain, they get far more than they expected. A shipwreck with experimental tech and magical relics sparks a race to retrieve the goods—and the winner might turn the tide of the war and the balance of power.

Jake Desmet, Rick Brand, Nicki LeClercq, quirky inventor Adam Farber, and agents from the Department of Supernatural Investigation race goons, ghouls, and ghosts to salvage the cargo, finding themselves in the crosshairs as attacks come from all sides.

Amid the struggle for control of the Caribbean, supernatural forces battle for the upper hand. European warlocks covet the spoils of war, while the island witch dynasties seek to break free of foreign empires.

Can Rick, Jake, and their friends retrieve the missing shipment, or will dark magic and betrayal sink their chances?

Spark of Destiny is a steampunk action/adventure filled with clockwork creatures, armed airships, vengeful ghosts, cursed relics, strange cryptids, nefarious schemes, found family, loyal friends, and plenty of explosions!

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