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Spells, Salt, & Steel #6 – A New Templar Knights Novella

Mark Wojcik is back, and his life is weirder than ever!

He’s hunting an Albatwitch, chasing a Mothman, and dealing with all sorts of rogue cryptids that shouldn’t be anywhere near the Pennsylvania backwoods. Why are all these new monsters showing up all of a sudden? Why do some of them look like they’ve escaped from a medical testing facility or a research laboratory? What in the world is he going to do with all these critters?

To get to the bottom of this mystery, he’ll call on all his resources – Father Leo, Donny the Werewolf, the Scooby Gang of young supernaturals he mentors, and a few new faces, too. Travis Dominick and Brent Lawson make a visit to help find out what’s going on and see if there really are demons involved in the strange happenings.

Then the Russian priest shows up and the team investigates a VERY haunted mental hospital. It’s more than just a typical monster hunt for Mark Wojcik, and he’s going to need every friend and resource he’s got to stay alive.

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.