The Chronicles of the Necromancer Omnibus Volume One

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Limited Signed and Lettered Edition

Together for the first time in one volume, the first two books in the bestselling Chronicles Of The Necromancer series! The lettered edition is limited to 26 copies. Hardback with original artwork and dust jacket.

The Summoner

Prince. Fugitive. Exile. Necromancer.

Martris Drayke, second son of King Brice of Margolan, never coveted the crown. But when his older half-brother Jared and Jared’s dark mage kill the king and the rest of the royal family, seizing the throne, Tris’s comfortable world shatters, and he finds himself running for his life.

Can a half-trained mage prince and his unlikely allies take back his kingdom and avenge his family—or will his wild power destroy him before he has the chance to set things right?

The Blood King

Exiled prince. Mage heir. Necromancer king.

In just one year under the Usurper’s thumb, Margolan has gone from prosperity to chaos and starvation.

Tris has risked destruction to gain control of his spirit magic and harness his power. Can Tris take back the throne and save his kingdom, or will his half-mastered magic bring about an even greater destruction?


“Attractive characters and an imaginative setting combine in an excellent, fast-moving quest novel.” – David Drake, author of the Lord of the Isles series on The Summoner

“A rich, evocative story with vivid, believable characters moving through a beautifully realized world.”  – A.J. Hartley, author of The Mask of Atreus on The Blood King