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Alien Artifacts: Life is out there. Alien civilizations have grown and died and been reborn again since the dawn of the universe. Some of those civilizations have left behind signs of their existence,
hidden in the ruins on unexplored planets or floating in space in the form of ghost ships. In this anthology, 14 of today’s best short story writers tackle what could happen if, in our exploration of space, we run across some of these ancient alien artifacts. Will they catapult humanity to new technological heights…or reveal our darkest secrets and destroy us? Edited by Patricia Bray and
Joshua Palmatier, this anthology will contain approximately 14 stories with an average length of 6000 words each. The anthology will include short stories by: Jacey Bedford, David Farland/Dave Wolverton, C.S. Friedman, Walter H. Hunt, Gini Koch, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin, Seanan McGuire and Juliet E. McKenna. All other slots aside from the named authors will be filled by the open call for submissions.