Ghosts of the Past

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Wasteland Marshals #3 (Novella)

A creepy roadside attraction, a disappearing hotel, and a murder house. These are the things that US Marshals Shane Collins and Lucas Maddox find when they arrive in Ansted, WV, at the insistence of the Bedford coven of witches.

The local scholars have chosen the mysterious Mountain Cove Hotel as an archival site for the books and other materials that still remain after the Events. But something is very wrong.

Time moves differently there, and the songs of the genius loci are discordant, haunted, out of sync. Ghostly sentinels guard the ancient graveyards and beasts of legend roam the hills, but evil has still set its sights on the Mountain Cove Hotel.

Can Shane and Lucas cleanse the hotel of the malignant energy that has been building for generations? Will they be able to depend on the abilities they’ve gained from the spirits that reside inside themselves? Will the records of the past be secured for the future? These are questions Shane and Lucas never thought they’d have to answer…