The Ascendant Kingdoms Saga

Discover the world of convict Lord Blaine “Mick” McFadden and his outlaw friends as they battle their way from the icy prison of Velant and the arctic colony of Edgeland back to Donderath, the ruined kingdom that once exiled them to oblivion, and now may not be able to survive without them.

Ice Forged

Ascendant Kingdoms Saga: Book 1 Condemned as a murderer for killing the man who dishonored his sister, Blaine


Reign of Ash

Ascendant Kingdoms Saga: Book 2 Survival is only the beginning. Blaine McFadden endured six long years in the brutal Velant prison colony, exiled for murder.


War of Shadows

Ascendant Kingdoms Saga: Book 3 Blaine


Shadow and Flame

Ascendant Kingdoms Saga: Book 4 Blaine McFadden and his allies have brought magic back under mortal command and begun to restore order to the beleaguered kingdom of Donderath. Now, new perils and old enemies gather for a final reckoning. Foreign invaders, a legendary dark mage and vengeful immortals fight Blaine’s battered forces for control of the continent, and Blaine’s weary army is the only thing standing between a kingdom struggling to rise from the ashes and a descent into fury […]


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