Shutdown Crew

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Wasteland Marshals #4 (Novella)

Nukes, spooks, and kooks

Shane Collins and Lucas Maddox are the last two US Marshals after a global cataclysm that destroyed most of modern civilization. They’re still on the job, fighting the good fight, although they’re no longer fully human and maybe not entirely sane.

Shane and Lucas get a distress call from an enclave in Pennsylvania near a compromised nuclear plant guarded by ghostly guardians. A group of creepy cultists believes the Fae will take them through a rift in time to before the Events that destroyed civilization. Nearby, a suspicious military group has seized control of an abandoned missile silo, and a strange forest spirit roams the woods.

Can Shane and Lucas get to the bottom of the chaos before everything melts down?

Shutdown Crew is an action-packed near-future post-apocalyptic thriller full of grim ghosts, legendary creatures, shifters and elemental spirits, brave survivors, loyal friends, and found family.