Hath No Fury

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Mother. Warrior. Caregiver. 
Wife. Lover. Survivor. 
Trickster. Heroine. Leader. 
In this anthology, readers will find 21 stories and six essays about super-smart, purpose-driven, ultra-confident heroines. Hath No Fury defies the stereotypes. Here, it’s not the hero who does all the action while the heroine smiles and bats her eyelashes; Hath No Fury‘s women are champions, not princesses in distress. Embracing the strong warriors to the silent but powerful, or perhaps the timid who muster their courage to face down a terrible evil, the women of Hath No Fury will make indelible marks upon you and leave you breathless for more.
• Introduction by Margaret Weis
• Foreword by Robin Hobb
• Philippa Ballantine “Casting On”
• Bradley P. Beaulieu “A Wasteland of my God’s Own Making”
• Carol Berg “The Book of Rowe”
• Dana Cameron “Pax Egyptica”
• Delilah S. Dawson “She Keeps Crawling Back”
• Erin M. Evans “The Mark of a Mountain Poppy”
• Lucy A. Snyder “A Hero of Grunjord”
• Lian Hearn “Craft”
• Seanan McGuire “Riding Ever Southward, In the Company of Bees”
• Nisi Shawl “She Tore”
• Michael R. Underwood “The Unlikely Turncoat”
• Elizabeth Vaughan “Echoes of Stone”
• Django Wexler “Last of the Red Riders”
• Anton Strout “Some Enchanted Evening”
• SR Cambridge “The Scion”
• Elaine Cunningham “Burning”
• Gail Z. Martin “Reconciling Memory”
• William C. Dietz “Snakeskin”
• M.L. Brennan “Trench Witch”
• Eloise J. Knapp “Rise of the Bonecrushers”
• Marc Turner “A Dance with Death”
Featuring essays by:
• Shanna Germain “For the Love of Etta Candy”
• Carina Bissett “A Seed Planted”
• Sarah Kuhn “It Ain’t Bad to Get Mad”
• Diana M. Pho “Anger is a Friend to Love”
• Melanie R. Meadors “Short Bios of Fierce Women”
• Monica Valentinelli “Not Another ‘Why Representation Is Important’ Essay”
Coming in December 2017