Witch of the Woods

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Wasteland Marshalls #2 (Novella)

Witches and werewolves were not something they covered in their training as US Marshals. Then again, neither was the Apocalypse, so that makes this insanity pretty normal for Shane Collins and Luke Maddox.

It’s hard enough trying to navigate a new world of monsters, magic, and no decent takeout anywhere, but add murderous shapeshifters to that, and you’ve got a recipe for death and destruction. Innocent people are going missing, and Shane and Luke think it may have something to do with rumblings they’ve heard about secret government experiments that took place before things all went haywire.

Then there’s the magic. The strange magic corrupting the land, that affects them more now that Shane is tied to the genius loci, collections of magical energy throughout the countryside, and Luke has an ancient elemental spirit riding shotgun in his head.

Yeah, this was not something they covered in Marshal training.