The Chronicles of the Necromancer Omnibus Volume Two

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Limited Signed and Lettered Edition

Together for the first time in one volume, books three and four in the bestselling Chronicles Of The Necromancer series! The lettered edition is limited to 26 copies. Hardback with original artwork and dust jacket.

Dark Haven

King. Necromancer. Warrior.

Martris Drayke fought the Usurper and defeated both the blood mage Arontala and the spirit of the Obsidian King. As the newly-crowned King of Margolan, Tris must rebuild a kingdom shattered by betrayal and bloodshed.

Meanwhile, former smuggler and mercenary Jonmarc Vahanian, the new Lord of Dark Haven, finds himself at the center of a power struggle among the undead vayash moru. Jonmarc realizes that the conflict in Dark Haven threatens not only the future of the Winter Kingdoms but also the fate of the living, dead, and undead.

Dark Lady’s Chosen

Loyalty. Honor. Magic. Sacrifice.

Treachery and blood magic threaten King Martris Drayke’s hold on the throne he risked everything to win. As the battle against a traitor lord comes to its final days, war, plague, and betrayal bring Margolan to the brink of destruction.

In Dark Haven, Lord Jonmarc Vahanian has bargained his soul for vengeance, plunging into a conflict among ancient immortals based on grudges centuries in the making. If he succeeds, Jonmarc preserves the truce, stops the bloodshed, and saves what matters most. Failure brings destruction—and dooms his soul for eternity.


“Every time I start to get bored with epic fantasy, a writer like Gail Z. Martin comes along and makes me fall in love with the genre all over again.” – J. F. Lewis, Author of Staked, Revamped

 “It’s one of those wonderful books you can’t bear to put down. Dark Lady’s Chosen is a satisfying and entertaining read that shouldn’t be missed.” – Midwest Book Review