Chronicles of the Necromancer

The adventures in the Winter Kingdom begin in The Summoner and carry through the Chronicles of the Necromancer series. The Fallen King’s Cycle also takes place in the Winter Kingdoms and includes many of the same people, picking up shortly after Dark Lady’s Chosen. If you enjoy this world, please also check out the Jonmarc Vahanian Adventures, a series of short stories chronicling Jonmarc’s life before he meets up with Tris in The Summoner. The first collection of those stories will be released from Solaris Books in June of 2016: The Shadowed Path and will also include an exclusive adventure not available elsewhere.

The Summoner

Chronicles of the Necromancer Book One Prince. Fugitive. Exile. Necromancer. Martris Drayke, second son of King Bricen of Margolan, never coveted the crown. But when his older half-brother Jared and Jared’s dark mage kill the king and the rest of the royal family, seizing the throne, Tris’s comfortable world shatters, and he finds himself running for his life. Tris flees with three friends: Soterius, captain of the guard; Carroway, the court’s master bard; and Harrtuck, a member of the royal […]


The Blood King

Chronicles of the Necromancer Book Two Exiled prince. Mage heir. Necromancer king. Prince Martris Drayke of Margolan escaped the bloody coup that murdered his family and put his half-brother, Jared, on the throne. He fled with three close friends, found allies along the way, and gained the backing of loyal deserters, the undead vayash moru, and the vengeful ghosts of Jared’s many victims. In just one year under the Usurper’s thumb, Margolan has gone from prosperity to chaos and starvation. […]


Dark Haven

Chronicles of the Necromancer Book Three King. Necromancer. Warrior. Martris Drayke fought the Usurper and defeated both the blood mage Arontala and the spirit of the Obsidian King. As the newly-crowned King of Margolan, Tris must rebuild a kingdom shattered by betrayal and bloodshed. Some of the Usurper’s loyalists evaded capture and remain a danger. Famine and hardship threaten to bring more chaos and divisions. And in his Court of Spirits, the necromancer-king is overwhelmed by the ghosts seeking retribution […]


Dark Lady’s Chosen

Chronicles of the Necromancer Book Four Loyalty. Honor. Magic. Sacrifice. Treachery & blood magic threaten King Martris Drayke’s hold on the throne he risked everything to win. As the battle against a traitor lord comes to its final days, war, plague & betrayal bring Margolan to the brink of destruction. Civil war looms in Isencroft, forcing Kiara to make hard choices between her duty to her kingdom-by-blood and her commitments to her kingdom-by-marriage. Thrones and successions are at stake, and […]