Reviews for Blood King

 The Blood King is the riveting sequel to The Summoner.  It entertained and kept me spellbound to the end.  When I turned the last page I couldn’t help but wish for more. –Victoria Kennedy, Midwest Book Review

Gail Z. Martin’s The Blood King is a fantastic sequel to The Summoner. This book is as wonderfully rich and full fantasy, and you become so attached to the characters that you don’t want it to end.  Armchair Interviews says: Another great series for Fantasy fans. –Jennifer Johnson, Armchair Interviews

 These novels were quite good, and very easy to read. Diverting and fun. They were also an extremely fast read. I would open one of the books, expecting to just read twenty or thirty pages, and would end up reading two to three hundred before looking up at the clock and realizing it was the early hours of the morning. When the third book arrives, I expect it to be just as quick.–Cosmo Digital

The second book (The Blood King) in a fantasy series called The Chronicles of the Necromancer finally came out and I am so excited to read it!  Tonight I will be up late doing some rereading of Gail Z. Martin’s first book (The Summoner) so that I can have the plot lines all fresh in my mind.  I plan on pretty much reading the second book straight through this week’s trip to the coast!  I haven’t had a fantasy series remind me of my bookwormish, childhood love of being engrossed by stories in a long time.–Eye of the Blackbird

 The Blood King is a highly addictive novel, easy to read despite its length and following a rational and decent story. Mrs. Martin has succeeded in bringing a solid plot with serious denouement and quality twists; and shows endowment for writing fantasy fiction. The writer’s style is clear; the characters show progress during the following events. I was pleasantly surprised by the finale of the novel and I’m definitely looking forward to the third volume of Chronicles of the Necromancer trilogy. Its title will be Dark Haven, so vampire fans – rejoice over the Blood Council’s return.–Vasil Toskov, Starlighter

 “The prose is tight and well executed and at times you feel like magically going from pages 214 to 355. If you truly like high fantasy with all its glory of the golden days, when it ruled the publishing business, then by all means this book will transport you back there. It’s a promising debut. Gail Z. Martin is here to stay.” –Harry Markov, Temple Library Reviews