The 2010 Days of the Dead Blog Tour is Back with All-New Extras!

What’s new this year—because it’s bigger and better than ever before!  I’m celebrating Halloween, Samhain, All Hallows’ Eve and Dia De Los Muertos—what a great week for dark fantasy fiction!  Plus, it’s time for another sneak peek at The Sworn, which will be in stores Jan. 25

  • New interviews—including a look ahead at The Fallen Kings Cycle
  • Digital Trick-or-Treat—download a new excerpt from The Sworn, a brand-new reading from The Sworn, and excerpts from 13 of my author friends, spread out across the partner sites!
  • Contests to win a signed advance copy of The Sworn
  • Contests to win a signed copy of Dark Haven, Dark Lady’s Chosen plus a Midnight Syndicate CD
  • Limited Time and Quantity!  Order a signed copy of Dark Haven or Dark Lady’s Chosen at
  • Guest Blog post: SciFiGuy.ca and Double Dragon excerpt (10/27)
  • Guest blog post: Orbit Books – blog posts) (10/26)
  • Guest blog post: When Gravity Fails – and Solaris excerpt (10/28)
  • Register to win a free autographed advance copy of The Sworn—contest at
  • 13 Free chapter samples from Double Dragon, Orbit and Solaris Books authors, spread out on my partner sites so you can trick-or-treat.
  • Brand new print excerpt from The Sworn at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist and a drawing to win a free autographed advance copy of The Sworn!
  • Pre-order link for The Sworn with NEW bonus goodies: and three Solaris excerpts
  • Brand new Q&A:
  • Totally new reading from The Sworn on The Broad Pod!
  • Book and CD giveaway from Midnight Syndicate at
  • New reading from The Sworn at
  • Daily Q&A and Trivia questions on Twitter @GailZMartin, Facebook at The Winter Kingdoms, the Gail Martin on MySpace, and my pages on Shelfari and BookMarketing.ning
  • Downloadable free excerpts from these 13 great books as well as The Sworn—my Trick or Treat goodies spread out on partner pages:
    • The Sworn—Chapter 1 on  Chapters 2 and 3 at Reading from Chapter 1 at and Reading from Chapter 4 on The BroadPod
    • Corvus by Paul Kearney (Trick-or-Treat goody#1 at
    • Irons in the Fire by Juliet McKenna (Trick-or-Treat goody#2 on my newsletter/blog on and MySpace)
    • The King’s Bastard by Rowena Cory Daniells (Trick-or-Treat goody#3 at
    • Virtual Thought Stream by Lee Gimenez (Trick-or-Treat goody#4 at The Winter Kingdoms on Facebook)
    • Manchester House by Donald Allen Kirch (Trick-or-Treat goody#5 at The Winter Kingdoms on Facebook)
    • The Stanton Curse by Anita M. Whiting (Trick-or-Treat goody#6 on my author page at
    • Axes of Evil by Michael A. Ventrella (Trick-or-Treat goody#7 on )
    • SilverMoon by J. Richard Jacobs (Trick-or-Treat goody#8 on Twitter @ GailZMartin)
    • Vampires Inc. by Rick Taubold & Chris R. Hosey (Trick-or-Treat goody#9 on my author page at BookMarketing.ning)
    • The Laughing Hounds by C.R. Daems (Trick-or-Treat goody#10 on Twitter @ GailZMartin)
    • Soul Poacher by James Scott DeLane (Trick-or-Treat goody#11 on Twitter @ GailZMartin)
    • Romanticism Lost by Jon Hartless (Trick-or-Treat goody#12 on Twitter @ GailZMartin)
    • And chapters from The Summoner, The Blood King, Dark Haven and Dark Lady’s Chosen! (Trick-or-Treat goodies #13, #14, #15 and #16 at and on Facebook and Twitter)
    • Plus The Spirit Thief by Rachael Aaron (Trick-or-Treat #17 at\
  • Bonus thank-you goodies when you pre-order The Sworn! Pre-order The Sworn on and get downloadable excerpts from these authors:
    • Bloodring by Faith Hunter
    • Mad Kestral by Misty Massey
    • With Nine You get Vanyr by Jean Marie Ward and Teri Smith
    • Cherry Red Rocket Ship by James Maxey
    • The Reawakened by Jeri Smith-Ready
    • Staked by Jeremy Lewis
    • Stormed Fortress by Janny Wurts
    • The Sorcerers’ Plague by David B. Coe
    • Corvus by Paul Kearney
    • The King’s Bastard by Rowena Cory Daniells
    • Irons in the Fire by Juliet McKenna

Please check out all the goodies!
Here’s where to find the good stuff–the fun starts on Monday, 10/25!

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