Interview with Kiara, Queen of Margolan

Q.  This war is forcing hard choices on its rulers, and dangerous times are on the horizon.  Isencroft has experienced terrible turmoil.  The Winter Kingdoms have been scourged by plague and famine.  Your husband, Tris Drayke, suspects that a dark summoner may not only be behind the invasion, but instrumental in the attacks on your son, Cwynn.  What is your biggest worry?

A.  My dreams are dark.  I fear for the people I love, and for both my homeland of Isencroft and my new home of Margolan.  People have already suffered so much, and it looks as if there will be many dark days before all is well again.

Q:  Do you think Isencroft will survive what is shaping up to be a civil war?

A:  I pray to the Lady that the conflict does not become a true civil war, but I can’t deny the signs.  Although father has tried to spare me, I’ve heard the news from my homeland and it’s frightening.  I grieve knowing that although my marriage was one of both love and necessity, it has been a cause of this conflict.  And I pray that my children will see a better future.

Q:  You’re married to the most powerful mage in the Winter Kingdoms, but your own magic has been limited.  No one can be certain of Cwynn’s magic.  What of the regent magic that is part of the heritage of Isencroft’s monarchs?

A:  My own magic is very limited, especially compared to Tris’s power.  Perhaps someday when I inherit the crown, the full measure of regent magic will come to me, but I sincerely hope that day is far in the future.

Q:  Your son, Cwynn faces dangerous enemies.  Can you protect him?

A:  The most terrifying truth any mother faces is that there are no guarantees.  Even with the resources of the crown and the power of Tris’s magic, it is impossible to assure Cwynn’s safety.  But we’re surrounded by loyal friends and powerful allies, and although I’m a queen and a mother, I’m also a trained warrior, able to use at least some of my skills to protect my family.  Yet there are threats both seen and unseen, and new terrors that have risen with the invaders.  I fear for us all.


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