Interview with Tris Drayke

Q:  Are you worried about rumors that Temnotta has sent a dark summoner after you?

A:  Sure.  But I’ve always known there were dark summoners.  My grandfather, Lemuel, was possessed by the spirit of a dark summoner, the Obsidian King.  I know that this type of magic makes it very tempting to use the power for personal gain.  I didn’t think I’d be the only summoner of power around forever.  But I have to say, I wouldn’t have minded it if it had been many years in the future before I had to deal with such a thing.

Q:  The Temnottan invasion appears to be as much magic as military.  Given the recent plague and unrest, can Margolan stand against that?

A:  By the Dark Lady, I hope so!  We’ve seen more than our share of sorrows, and now this.  The Margolense are a proud people, and they’re strong.  I believe they’ll rise against the invaders.  I pray to the Lady that I don’t let them down.

Q:  How does the civil war in Isencroft affect you?

A:  On a personal level, King Donelan is my wife’s father, and a man for whom I have great respect.  I would not like to see him come to harm.  Isencroft has been a peaceful neighbor, and although the history of our kingdoms has sometimes been turbulent, throughout my father’s reign relations were good.  The betrothal contract my father and Donelan agreed to years ago averted a war, but caused new problems later on.  Some in Isencroft still view Margolan with suspicion, and the Divisionists don’t like the idea of a joint crown until Kiara and my children are of age to take the crown and return a sovereign king to Isencroft.  The troubles in Isencroft affect me very personally.

Q:  What about the Dread?  Are they enemies or allies?

A:  They are more powerful than anything we’ve seen in a thousand years.  By the Crone!  I hope they’re allies, or there may be no one left alive.

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