Fun Porch Reads for a Stay-at-Home Summer

Our summer plans may not exactly be unfolding the way we had expected, but a stack of books to be read is always your best friend!

Ghosts of the Past is the third Wasteland Marshals novella, coming soon from Falstaff Books. Shane Collins and Lucas Maddox head for the mountains of West Virginia, where they’ll deal with roadside attractions leveraging major mojo, scholars trying to save essential archives, a werewolf that likes to play Frisbee, creepy cultists, grim ghosts, a snarly yow, and Schröedinger’s hotel (sometimes it’s there, sometimes it isn’t.)

The new anthology Witches, Warriors, & Wise Women (Prospective Press) has a Deadly Curiosities original story—“Heap of Trouble.” A woman Cassidy has never heard of wills her house to Trifles and Folly. Cassidy doesn’t know why—but she is pretty certain trouble is on the way. You can find it on Amazon Here

We’re working on the next (sixth) Spells, Salt, & Steel book, and Gail is still working on Reckoning, a Darkhurst novel, the third and final book in that series.

Balticon and ConCarolinas may have cancelled their in-person events, but Larry and I have been busy on Zoom panels bringing all kinds of convention shenanigans your way! So watch those web sites and Facebook/YouTube pages to see all the fun stuff!

Gail is one of the con-runners for ConTinual—the ongoing, online multi-genre convention that never ends. That’s kept us both plenty busy recording panels and doing interviews with other authors.  Here are just a few to get you started!

What is ConTinual?

Social media for authors:

Writing short stories:

Gail interviews Lynn Zubernis, author of There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done

Although it may be a while before we can see you in person again, we love connecting in the Shadow Alliance reader group on Facebook, on Twitter, and in ConTinual. Stay safe, and we’ll see you online!

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