Monsters and Magic

Magic, monsters, action, and adventure without leaving your blanket fort! Hunker down and ignore the snow with a soft blanket and good books.

We’re sticking close to home, working on new stories, and trying to ignore the weather. Here’s hoping you are spending the winter nights with yummy snacks, snuggly pillows and plenty to read.

NEW! Wasteland Marshals: Volume One 

The world ended. Then things got tough.

Shane Collins and Lucas Maddox are the last two US Marshals after a global cataclysm that destroyed most of modern civilization. They’re still on the job, fighting the good fight, although they’re no longer fully human and maybe not entirely sane.

Witches and werewolves were not covered in their training as US Marshals. Then again, neither was the Apocalypse.

It’s hard enough trying to navigate a new world of monsters, magic, and no decent takeout. Then there’s the strange magic corrupting the land that affects them more now that Shane is tied to the collections of magical energy throughout the countryside, and Lucas has an ancient elemental spirit riding shotgun in his head.

Yeah, they never mentioned this stuff in training.

Available for Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover. Order Yours.

Schedule changes. Coastal Magic Convention has chosen to go virtual again this year, so Gail will be attending online—count on plenty of fun! Also, given the continuing situation, Gail will not be attending the Arizona Renaissance Faire again this year. Here’s hoping for better luck in 2023!

DragonCon Urban Fantasy Track

Also on 1/28 at 7 pm ET—Live Zoom panel for DragonCon’s Urban Fantasy Track’s Supernatural Rewind for Season 10. We meet every month, discussing one season at a time! Watch live or catch the replay on YouTube.

Gail’s added a lot of new goodies to her YouTube Channel—Writing and Winchesters. Video readings from books and short stories, author interviews and book videos are now available, plus the channel is chock full of Thrifty Author writing videos, Supernatural video panels from ConTinual and lots of other fun playlists! It’s constantly growing and evolving, so come join the fun! Here.

Update on what’s new and coming soon:

In edits…

  • Trifles and Folly 3 – Coming soon.
  • Exile’s Quest (Assassin’s of Landria 4), awaiting a launch date.
  • Dark Haven – edits for re-release in ebook
  • Dark Lady’s Chosen – edits for re-release in ebook


  • Reckoning (Darkhurst Book 3)

We really hope to have additional books soon in all the active series, so hang in there—we’re writing as fast as we can!

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