The Weird Wild West

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Why the Weird Wild West?

The untamed frontier is a challenge, a test of character, a proving ground for the soul. It’s a place where pioneers rewrite their future, or end their days…for better or worse. In the spirit of Bret Maverick, Cat Ballou, Kwai Chang Caine, and James West, The Weird Wild West blends western grit with the magical and mysterious unknown that waits beyond the next horizon.

by Misty Massey(Editor), Emily Lavin Leverett (Editor), Margaret S. McGraw (Editor), Gail Z. Martin (Contributor), Larry N. Martin (Contributor)  John G. Hartness (Contributor), James R. Tuck (Contributor), Tonia Brown (Contributor), Diana Pharaoh Francis (Contributor), Robert E. Waters (Contributor), Jonathan Maberry (Contributor), David Sherman (Contributor), Ken Schrader (Contributor), R. S. Belcher (Contributor), and Liz Colter (Contributor)